Priorities for LCPS

Almost 20 years ago, we chose to live in Loudoun County, in part because of the good reputation of the public school system.  As our children come of age in the 21st century, we need to prepare them for a rapidly changing world. As a public school district, we have the responsibility and imperative to educate all of our students by providing them with a solid academic foundation, allocating resources to support the academic and extracurricular programs, and ensuring that the safety needs of our students and staff are met. I am committed to ensuring that we have policies and practices in place that support all of our students so that they feel welcome, seen and safe.

Invest in teaching and learning to support the academic needs and educational journeys of each individual students

Support the recruitment, retention and growth of LCPS staff

Improve and enhance communication with parents and families

Champion understanding, empathy, and appreciation for what it means to be citizens of the world

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